Ok, so I have been pondering about my New Years Resolutions. Yes, I know I am a week late.  I've thought about a Top Ten, or highlighting certain items from my My 101 that I could concentrate on for 2010.  I've thought about weight loss goals, running goals, and productivity goals.  But I just couldn't make up my mind.

However, I do know that goals and resolutions are best when they are attainable, measurable, and rewardable!  And so, I decided to take it month by month. Just one step in front of the other. Each month in 2010, I will focus on one Goal.  One Goal that I will attempt to master in 30 days.

So here we go....she shoots.....she scores....Goooaaaalllll:

January...The Morning Stretch.

The other day, Dr. Oz, talked about the Seven Daily Deadly Sins.  And number one was:  Not stretching first thing when you wake up.  Think about it.  Every animal and cartoon character does a cute little morning stretch as soon as they awake for the day.  So why not add Kat to that list. 

So join me in playin some good morning jams and a little morning stretch to set your day right!!  Goal number one...Here we go!! 


  1. I never think to stretch either. It's roll out of bed and jump in the shower. I'll be sure to join you on your 30 day quest.

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