Kat's Golden Thoughts...About the Globes

Fabulous as always...

Best acceptance speeches...
Their shout outs to their hubbies were a tear jerker:

Classy in every possible way... 
so humble that we should all take notes:

(Yes this was not Helen this year, but either way,
I want to look like this when I am her age)

Definitely have seen better days:

Love her...but really?  What is with the hair, makeup, and earrings??

Yikes Matt...and lay off the during-the-awards-PDA...
we totally get that you are in a committed relationship.

Cameron, you are so beautiful, but I don't know what it is about this one.
Its just not working for me. 

I Cannot STAND:

Drew, does the dress also come with a fiber optic light show?
I was waiting for your ferret-porcupine accessories to either light up or crawl off your shoulder.

Everything about this girl annoys me.
I was begging for her not to win so I wouldn't have to watch her talk.

Oh Dear God
Put Those away MeMe!! 

Got Dressed for the wrong event:

Julia, I really do Heart you.  And I think this is super cute...if you were just attending.  But when you are up for the globe against Sandra Bullock, Marion Cotillard, and Meryl Streep (x2), you gotta dress the part.

Ok girl from singing primetime show that I know nothing about...Wow.  The barbie gown is way way WAY too much.  Did you see how ridiculous you looked on stage?!?

Seriously??  This also goes under who I CANNOT stand.
Shouldn't she be behind the microphone interviewing the stars?

Samuel thought he was going to the Harry Potter premiere...
Or perhaps a Where's Waldo convention

So super freaking cute I just can't stand it:

Seriously Jen...I hope this is the one for you because you really do look so happy!

Eat your heart out Brad....Jenn is lookin AMAZING!

They are my new favorite Hollywood couple

However, I am also a fan of these two:

(not seen together at the globes, but hoping to last at least a full year!)

Who never ever ages:

Leo...seriously, what is your diet and exercise plan?
I found this blog that shows his aging...or lack there of.

And Finally...I am pumped:

Finally a freaking hilarious comedy won!

PS...I still have not seen Avatar


  1. You are too funny! :)

  2. I did not watch the Golden Globes. But two things you need to know. One, taylor and taylor, no longer an item. They were too close to friends and they called it off. And two, you must see Avatar. I've seen it twice and its absolutely incredible!

  3. Still have not seen Avatar and have NO interest still.

    Did you see Toni Collette? I thought she looked AH-mazing! Loved Halle and Reece as well.

  4. I was going to say what Kayla said, that Taylor and Taylor are no longer together :( I thought they were cute together too!
    I love your recap...I agree with most if not all! I did see Sandra Bullock on a worst dressed list and I wanted to write a nasty-gram to them!!

  5. So...I watched Entertainment Tonight and apparently Kojo and I disagree...a lot. He had Kate Hudson and Sandra as worst dressed. I was not a fan of Kate's shoes, but she can always pull of anything and still look adorable. And he had Jennifer Garner as the best dressed. Maybe the rain got to her. Yes the dress was beautiful, but by the time the awards started...her hair looked as though she had been through a wind storm.

    And I am very sad to hear you all say Taylor squared has split. They were too cute!! But maybe it was my way of watching Taylor-Jacob in a relationship without feeling like a dirty old woman!

  6. Great recap....see I didn't need to watch it at all!

  7. Missed the show but I agree with your analysis of the dresses. And everything else you said, too.

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