Must Haves for the Babe: 0-3 Months

Perfect timing my Super Fly E, I was just working on this post when I saw yours about registering.  Both Super Fly E and Dr. BFF are due this spring and I couldn't be more excited.  Even Gator Guy was super cute this weekend and said that he cannot wait to hold a newborn again.  Ready, all together...Awwww!  As they get closer to the big Birth Day, I have been thinking about what were the Must Haves that I just...well....had to have.  There are of course the necessities like a crib, diapers, car seat, stroller, swing, bouncer and clothes.  But here's some other things that I just couldn't live without:

1. The Boppy - Seriously, this was a lifesaver when it came to feedings.  Plus Mr. T got some use from it practicing his tummy time and needing a snug place to sit.  

2.  Pampers Swaddlers - There is just something about those first poopy diapers that are EXPLOSIVE!!  So get those swaddlers that hug in all the right places.  Ps...load up on the laundry detergent.

3.  Sheet saver - Its tough being on the outside and learning to breath and swallow all at the same time.  Spit up happens, and happens a lot, especially at night.  The sheet saver....saved the sheet.  Instead of washing sheets EVERY night, the sheet saver gave us an extra one.  My advice - get two of these.

4.  Sound Machine - I received this brilliant gift at a baby shower and Mr. T still listens to soothing Rain while drifting off to a deep slumber.  It also projects images of dancing sheep, stars, and jungle friends on the ceiling for his entertainment.

5.  CD Player and Good Baby Jams - Along with the Rain, Mr. T listens to his baby lullabies each night.  I actually used to listen to my Sleepy Time Music all the time.  I figured that since good old Pavlov's trick worked on me to get me to sleep, why not try it on the babe.


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