At the Stroke of Midnight...

I will not be looking for my glass slipper, 
watching my friends turn to mice, 
or watching my carriage turn into a pumpkin. 

Nor will I be in a deep deep sleep...

No...On this eve.... At Midnight Tonight....
I will be watching this:

And joining the Twihard Moms like this:

Listening to the HIT's (Hiiiii, I'm Twelve) 
scream like this:

And possibly squealing, gasping, 
cheering, or laughing when I see this:

Now if only I could get these cute shirts in time.


  1. As if our mutual love of The Bachelor AND sports weren't enough... now this! I also love Twilight. And, because Jasper is my favorite, I'm even more excited for this movie. But I'm not seeing it until Saturday. Can you believe it?! I might die... :-)

  2. Oh I am so with you on this one! I mentioned how totally excited I am in my post yesterday that this movie is finally here! Love the whole series, especially Edward...Love me some Rob Pattinson!

    If you're seeing it tonight, I might just have to email...I won't be able to see it yet and I'm dying to know what happens with the whole love triangle thing.Hubs recently reminded me of the next book, Breaking Dawn. Wonder if they'll be a cliff hanger to end Eclipse like the proposal in New Moon?!

    Have fun, I'm jealous!

  3. Be careful, Love!


  4. ENJOY!!! I sooo wish I could go join the madness...but I will have to wait for a "free day" from the kids...

  5. I can only imagine what you are going to experience tomorrow morning....glad that I will be sound asleep.

  6. @Audreya - this is becoming scary how much we have in common. Too bad you're a chicago fan!

    @Shannon - Dying to know about the whole love triangle thing?? Does this mean you have not read the books?!? If not, you must read them this summer.

    @Mandy - Thanks girl! Article is too funny. kind of like how people became depressed that they couldn't live in the Avatar world bc this world sucks. ha

    @Stacie - Hope you get a free day soon. And good for you if the hubby will tag along with you. Gator Guy will only handle an-in-the-privacy-of-his-home movie rental.

    @Ryan - Thanks Bubby. Perhaps we will both be drooling at the same time. You watching the muscles.

  7. Say it aint so. Are you serious?

    You know at the end they wake up and it was all a dream like in that show Dallas

  8. Haha! Have fun! I won't go sleep deprived. What if I fell asleep? That would be such a waste of good looking guys.

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