She is going to kick my ass

Today is the day.  Today is my first training session with a kick-your-ass-she-might-as-well-be-named-Jillian-Michaels trainer at our local gym.  No seriously, she has to be a distance twin of Ms. Jillian.  I have seen her work, seen her push her clients, and have taken her boot camp class.  And she Kicks Ass.  Kicks your ass.  Kicks my ass.  Kicks everyone's ass. 
But this is what I wanted.  This is what I asked for. After the Marathon, I needed a new challenge to kick my ass.  I may be able to run for hours, but when it comes to the gym, I often wonder if I would be able to complete any of the workouts I see on the Biggest Loser.  

And so...when signing up for my sessions, I told her, "I want to really be pushed.  Pushed to a new level."

WTF was I thinking?  She really is going to Kick my ass!!  I am nervous now.  She knows I'm ready to be pushed and I am nervous to see what my evening will bring.  I am banking on not walking much tomorrow.  

(Kick Ass count in today's blog:   8)


  1. I am nervous for you!!!

  2. Can I tag along to get my ass kicked with you? She looks intense and I really need some intensity right now!

    Good luck with the ass kicking :D

  3. Yikes sounds tough! I'm impressed you would ask for such a thing!

  4. i don't swing that way, but I'd love Jillian to kick my ass, if you know what I'm sayin.

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