The Game of Catch Up

This has been my life lately. Catching Up.  I am normally very organized...well planned.  Quick to respond to emails.  Always on the go.  I. Get. Things. Done.  

But lately...goodness....It has been a struuuuuggle!  I have completely forgot about my Goooals.  (Can't remember the last time I took vitamins, did my nightly sit-ups, or packed up the snacks for a week.)  My inbox is way too full for my comfort.  And I have so many outstanding action items that I am just overwhelmed. Poor Mr. T's blog is bare.  It's like the babe turns one and I give up on updating family and friends on all of his pure cuteness.  Trust me, the cuteness is still there.  I'm just a slacker!

So my June Goooal.... Catch the F Up.  Catch up on that massive do to list.  Catch up on planning my 10 year reunion (Yes, I volunteered for this duty and now realize that I am CRAZY).  Catch up on reaching out to family and being there to support them.  Catch up with  my girlfriends (with a bottle of wine please).  And like I said, just Catch the F Up. 


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