Red Rover Red Rover...Send the Huskers on Over

I realize that not all my BFFs, gal pals, and blog buddies share the same sports enthusiasm that I do.  But you can always say just enough to spark that conversation with your sports lover hubby that it will make him drop his jaw that you now know more than the mascots or team colors.  Perhaps your "new found love" for sports and conversation starters will bring you breakfast in bed, the laundry folded, or even a nice back rub.  At least worth the try.

Tonight you can ask:

"So what do you think about the shake up in the Big 12?"  
The Big 12 is (or was) a college conference that included:  Baylor, CU, Iowa State, KU, K-State, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, OSU, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech.  Just this week, sources say that the Nebraska CornHuskers will move to the Big Ten (which includes big wigs such as Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, and Michigan State). 

This has created quite the buzz in the sports world and other teams are now making the talk to move to other conferences, such as the Pac-10 (includes USC, Cal, Oregon, ASU, UCLA). The CU Buffs just formally announced their move to the Pac.

What does this mean for your sports lover?  Well some will enjoy the new competition.  While others are mad as hell that their beloved teams will no longer play the traditional rivals.  Some worry that their teams will become the easy win for the big wigs in the new conference. What does this mean for the schools?  More moo-lah!  Let's face it, its all about the money, and so making the move will create better TV deals and give more money to the school.  

**Fun fact you can squeeze in:  Notre Dame is not a part of any conference.  They have a sweet deal with NBC and hope to keep it that way.  We shall see after all this conference Red Rover.  

"What do you think about USC's punishment?"
As seen on espn, the USC football program will receive a two-year post season ban, a reduction in scholarships, and a forfeiture of wins from at least the 2004 season.  YIKES.  This is all because of recruiting and academic fraud that happens years ago.  

Why is this such controversy?  Well for one, the former head coach, Pete Carroll just recently jumped ship and now coaches the Seahawks (NFL team...I know its confusing).  None of the players from that time are still at the school.  Therefore, fans are saying the USC President and Athletic Director are the ones that should be held responsible, not the poor 18 year olds that just signed up to play for their dream team.

"Should they strip Reggie Bush's Heisman?"
Ladies, you know Reggie Rush...he's the former BF of Kim Kardashian. The NCAA has investigated to see if Bush and his family took improper benefits back in the day.  It might conclude to find Reggie Bush retroactively ineligible, and the Heisman Trust could strip him of his 2005 award.  Some say so what??  Others still remember the disappointment it was to see Marion Jones stripped of her Olympic Golds.  Either way, its the hot topic today.  

Ps...The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup last night.  Beat the Flyers 4-3 in overtime.  This the first win for the Windy City team in 49 years!  Do I hear post season  for the Cubs and Bears coming as well??  (My vote is no as long as Cry Baby Cutler is QB, but I am obviously a little biased). 


  1. Ok. I LOVED this post! I think it should be a weekly staple, I think it would impress my husband a bunch if I knew stuff like this!

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  3. So glad I found another sports-loving lady blogger!! :-) My husband is a Michigan fan, with additional love thrown to Nebraska. So, he's in a bit of a twitter now that they will play one another. I, however, am a die-hard Notre Dame fan and am glad, as of now, we are remaining independent. But, if there ever is a decent playoff system (*please, please*) I'll be totally in favor of joining a conference. :-) And, the fact that you referred to Cry Baby Cutler probably means we should be friends for life! (Despite being a fan of Chicago sports, my football loyalties lie in Denver.) I will, however, take the Stanley Cup luck and sprinkle it all over the Cubbies!!

    Great post!! I may send some people by when they ask why I keep talking about football in the middle of June. :-)

  4. @ George Family - Thanks!! I just might make this a regular!!

    @Aubreya - Thanks too!! Love to see another sports gal. And quite the range of fans you've got in your household. I would assume Saturdays and Sundays come the fall are pretty busy!! And I concur about a real playoff system...Oh To Dream.

  5. Kat- I only just realized you are a DENVER girl!! Me too! Now I am left trying to figure out how I found your blog.

  6. buahahahah...HUGE bears fan here...and blackhawks...and the Sox.

    After the win for the Hawks, I turned to Cubbies loving boyfriend and said, it's time for the cubs to f-ing win something. ;)

    he didn't like that too well.

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