America's QB, Not So Much

For many years I have despised Brett Favre.  I don't really know why, but he really just annoyed the heck out of me.  I loved watching him lose (maybe not quite as much as I enjoy Cry Baby Cutler losing) but still, I would get a chuckle every time I saw him throw an interception or incomplete pass.  Everyone would ask, "How can you hate America's Quarter Back?"

HA.  Because now others are quickly jumping onto my "Hate Brett Fav-re" Team.  In case you are not on ESPN, listening to sports talk radio, or tune out anything football, you can read the low down here.  Basically, the NFL is quickly investigating allegations that Fav-re sent very inappropriate texts and pictures to a former Jets employee.  

First of all Fav-re, this young little lady could probably be your daughter.  Did you meet her at Granddaughter's dance recital?  Or perhaps at the corner high school car wash?   Either way, you are suppose to be a role model.  A person that kids can look up to and want to be some day.  Your wife, Deanna has stood by your side, and you used to stand by hers, even when she battled breast cancer. Ouch.

But are sending inappropriate texts.  And lets just be clear that inappropriate texts = pictures of the man down under, little Fav-re, The Little General, Princess Sofia, or from Varsity Blues, "purple-headed yogurt slinger, and uh Pedro." 
Yes the Mr. All American QB is now joining the lists of Ben Worthlessberger, Kobe Bryant, Lawrence Taylor, and the Once Great Tiger Woods.  And some of you may say that its only accusation and Good Ol' Fav-re isn't guilty just yet.  But as my soon to be BFF said, "When there's smoke...there's usually fire."  So how does that retirement look to ya now, Fav-re??

Ian O'Connor from ESPN couldn't have said it better after Monday night's game, "He just looks like a man from Mississippi who made a mistake. A man who should have kept the door closed on those recruiters from the north, and sat this last season out."  You can read more here.


  1. Ugggh I was JUST going to do this post. I always KNEW he was a douche.

    But let's talk Cutler. I am about to make you feel really really bad. Off the field Cutler privately donated furniture to house 2 entire cottages at the Mt. Saint Vincent Home for Children. In addition to buying them tv's, couches, beds etc. He paid for a new sports field- out of his pocket. No sponsors.

    Then he went and played with these kids- kids that have been physically and sexually abused. He taught them how to throw the football, how to catch etc.

    And the public never heard about this at all. Why? Because he was a wonderful man who did it from the bottom of his heart and the only reason I know this is because I was working there when he did all of that.

  2. Oh Ms. E. I don't feel bad at all. Perhaps my heart is not as big as yours.

    Donating furniture, extensive funds, and playing with kids during the off season sure comes easy when you have that professional athlete paycheck.

    Ok - I know, my glass will always be half empty when it comes to Mr. Cutler and if that story was about anyone else, I would saw...awww, what a nice guy. But not only did I just not like the guy to begin with, but after spending an evening with him with a mutual friend, I was completely turned off by him personally and professionally. Yes, it was only one night that I got to know him, but that was all it took for me to know that he was not the type of guy I would like on my BFF list.

    Don't worry, he's still a great guy for his donations and will always have one hell of an arm...just not my kind of guy.

  3. Ok, i like the new title, it runs better than the other.

    And just as I always get ready to ban myself from your blog, (maybe cause you confirmed that Im old) I come back to find that you are AWESOME. Tell the husband to buy you something nice. I have always been a Farve Hater. Cant stand him not one bit. I am hoping that this is sooooooooo true and he gets burned. Now he can go sit in the hot tub with Mark Chumura. Oh pill popping dirty sexting Farve. Kat, you are back on the Christmas list, high fives all around.

  4. Oh and Mrs. E adn Kat, you need to jump on my Atlanta Falcons Matt Matty Ice Ryan Bandwagon. Still plenty of room left.

    Price - Free

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