Must See, Must Do: Hawaii

1.  Helitour - Gator Guy and I splurged for an open doors Helicopter tour over west Maui and Molokai.  That's right, no doors.  Ah-freaking-mazing.  I just might be considering a career as a traffic reporter just so I can experience the copter more!!  
2.  Snokeling - It has always been a little tough snorkeling in places after seeing the Great Barrier Reef.  I mean, quite the place to live up to.  But I must say that Maui did...and then some.  We took a snorkel tour with the Pacific Whale Foundation, stopped by Molikini and Turtle Town.  I was convinced that we wouldn't see any turtles and it was just a way for us to cash in that moolah.  Wrong!  We saw green sea turtles everywhere.  What beautiful and peaceful creatures! 
Sadly I turned down the water camera, but this is just what it was like
3.  Bellow's Beach - Best kept secret on Oahu.  Skip those crowded beaches and head to Bellow's Beach.  It is actually on Bellow's Air Force Base and is open to the public on weekends.  Great view.  No crowds.  Damn good time.
4.  The North Shore - There is just something about the North Shore on Oahu.  Surfers.  Slow pace.  Surfers.   Dole Pineapple.  Surfers.  Wiamea Bay was the first beach that we hit up on our trip and it was the best.  Beautiful waves. 
5.  Road to Hana - There are not kidding.  The Road to Hana has twists and turns that will definitely make your stomach cry for a dramamine.  In fact, 600 curves and 54 bridges to be exact.  But it is a definite must see.  And feel free to take a little adventure off to one of the off road waterfalls.
6.  Hiking - Gator Guy and I just couldn't get enough hiking.  Diamond Head, Coco Head, Manoa Falls, and much more. Just make sure you bring your Keens.
7.  Lahaina, Maui - Oh Lahaina...How I love thee.  We stayed at Lahaina Shores. We didn't really know what to expect when we booked it online, but this small little fisherman's town is my new love.  Restaurants everywhere and beautiful art galleries on every corner.    
Our Hotel
Our view from our room
Our beach
And check out the Banyan Tree.  Yes, this is all ONE TREE.
8. Beach Time - This one is a no brainer
Mahalo Hawaii.  Mahalo.


  1. So jealous of your gorgeous beach vacation (sans kids!)

  2. Ugggh. I just threw up for jealously overload.

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