Just What the Dr. Ordered

I am not a huge fan of soda pop. Very very rarely drink it.  Gave it up in high school for track, and never really got back into it.  However, there is one occasion where it is an absolute must.  

After too many of these:

The next day I must have at least two of these. 
Thanks DP.  


  1. Good for you girl! While I love a coke every now and then, I cannot take DP at all! So funny what everyone likes...so different! Hope you have a great Sunday! Who does Denver play?

  2. Broncos play the Raiders!! Huge game!! Always a big rival. Have a good Sunday too Shannon!

  3. I'm guessing you needed more than a couple drinks after that Broncos game. Oh my.

    I gave up soda in high school too. The exception is that I have a Coke if we go to the movies. It's my heavy drinking! :-)

  4. Nice!

    I love my diet Dr. Pepper.

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