Holy Hot Yoga

Ready.....Cue the music:

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This morning, I went with my dearest e to my very first Hot Yoga class.  I remember when the yoga craze first started and I thought...eh, that's not really for me.  I really like to sweat when I work out.  

Umm...I'm pretty sure I have never sweat so much in my life.   Seriously, I could have wrung a good amount from my shirt.  And I freaking loved it.  The best part was that the instructor played real music (like Florence & The Machine playing above), and not just the sounds of ooo's and ommm's like other classes I have been to.  
 Exercise is always my release.  When I have long days, good days, or tired days, the best thing for me is to get off my butt and head to the gym, track, or trail.  I never regret a workout after I get there.  I just need to always remember how good I feel afterward.  But  Yoga was a new kind of release.  One where I could really focus on not stressing out about all the To Do's in every day life.  Thanks e for taking me along!  
So add Hot Yoga to The Shed (and keep the shed) list:
1.  Running
3.  Hot crazy yoga


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