Spotted Mr. T

 These pictures just break my heart.  But the good news, is Mr. T is just fine.  We noticed a small rash on his belly yesterday....and it took quite the turn today.

Other good news... he is not itchy and does not have a fever.  Phew!!  No chicken pox here!!  Gator Guy took him into today and the Doc says to just give him benadryl (which makes him super hyper btw), and to just give it time.
I do have to say that we have been so Mr. T's first two years, we only had to take him in once other than the regular check ups.  Now since he turned the big 2 only two weeks ago...we have doubled that amount and I am hoping that this is the end!!  I know he is ok, but it's amazing how much I just could not focus at work today knowing that he was not himself.  But then I see that he can still be the cutest boy ever and it just makes everything better!! 


  1. Is he on any antibiotics right now? This looks A LOT like the rash April had a few weeks ago as an allergic reaction to Amoxicillian. Her's got very very bad and I even had to take her to the ER (where they told me, give her Benadryl! It was pointless!)

  2. poor guy!!! breaks my heart!

  3. WOW. At least he is smiling. Thank god i am married, I couldnt handle stuff like that, I freak out too much.

    Hope the little gator is getting better

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