Middle of the Week Jam - The Civil Wars

I am LOVING this song right now.  
The Civils Wars - Barton Hollow

It makes me want to sit on the porch in the deep South, sip on some sweet tea (and vodka), and just soak it all in.  And...it makes me wish I could dress like this for just one occassion in my life. 

PS...check out their remake of Billie Jean.  I want this on my iPod.


  1. This is wonderful! And solidifies my belief I am not meant to be a Yankee. I belong in the south.

  2. Love it! The outfit is a good excuse to throw a theme party, wouldn't you say?... "Well, I declare!!" =o)

  3. Blane - Love it!

    Missy Duck - I think that is an excellant excuse!! Now if I can only get Gator Guy to dress up. Hell if it give him an excuse to grow a fu manchu than we are golden!!

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