This one is for you Marathoners

In honor of the Boston Marthon yesterday (well done freakin rocked it!!), I just had to post this video (thanks C for sending it...I suppose I will take it as a compliment that you thought of me....however, it does talk about not pooping your pants and bloody nipples, just what were your intentions C?!?) 

Anyway, there are days that I miss marathon training.  You know the days of just kicking your own ass and overcoming all doubt. There are times when we drive from Georgetown to Idaho Springs and I watch the road thinking I kicked major ass and that was just for a half.  But then I remember the training and pain.  Especially the trianing and pain post baby.  Holy Hell that was hard. 

I know some day I will run another 26.2.  It is just a matter of when and where.  Any great ideas?!?!?  I have always wanted to run the Disney Marathon.  I mean, what could be better than Mickey and Donald cheering me on??  Perhaps running on the beach....

What marathons have all of you run (or thought about)??  Ireland?  Hawaii?  Nashville?  (Yes, Nashville just got a shout out in the same category as Ireland).  Its how I roll. 


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  2. You're a hoot & your blog cracks me up!! I've run the Nashville 1/2(because I live here!!) and the Disney 1/2 (because I grew up in FLA) and they're both so fun. I have to say though, the Disney race was AWESOME!! I mean, you get to run through the castle AND get your pictures taken with the characters all along the route. For me, it was magical!! =o)

  3. Thanks Missy Duck!! I just might have to add both of those on my list. Maybe the Disney for the full. Surely it has to be entertaining, and like you said....magical!!! :) But the rock n roll nashville is also on my must do list. Thanks!!

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