Missing My Bach on Mondays

There is just something missing in my Monday nights.  And that something...is a little Chris Harrison, scandalous girls, and charming boys.  There was always an excitement about Mondays.  Asking GFs at work if they were watching and sending sweet "Happy Bach Day" texts to my Besties.  But now I just have to remind myself that my dear Chris Harrison will be back.  And in the meantime, I can catch up on Bach Gossip and letters.

Dear Vienna and Kasey,
I am not sure if you are aware of this, but the two of you have a certain quality in common:  You both make me throw up a little bit in my mouth...especially after seeing a picture such as this one.  

Yes, it's harsh, but it is Oh-So-True.  Vienna, your last interaction with Chris Harrison and Jake might have pulled on my heart strings (a tiny bit) as he showed us his true anger-ridden-red-faced-scary self... but you still drive me crazy.  And your texts such as this:  "I will guard and protect your heart! You are mean everything to me @KaseyRKahl"....make me Gag yet again.  

Kasey, the only good part about seeing a picture like this is the fact that I do not have to hear you talk or ask for subtitles.  And so, perhaps this is a match made in heaven.  

Maybe the two of you are just so annoying that there is nothing else to do but completely fall head-over-heels and guard and protect each others heart.  However, I must also admit that I am a little intrigued by this relationship and will rely on ABC to show an update during the next After The Rose ceremony, even if that does risk a little throw up in my mouth.  So until next time Tenderheart and Vienna Sausages.


Dear Tenley and Kiptyn,

Now you two are so freaking cute, I can hardly stand it.  And as Gia once said you just might shit rainbows....but I love that your perfect Disney fairytale is still alive.



Dear Ashley,

You just might be the reason I skip a season.  I never ever thought I would say. 



  1. I may skip this season too - I can't stand Ashley!

  2. Totally agree Sew What....however, knowing me, I will still watch it and maybe just scratch my eyes out doing so. ;)

  3. Now this is why I still come back for more. Kasey (in the weird voice) is going to guard and protect Vimana (shes a dude) heart.

    And yes, Ashley. I dont even think she is hot.??? Give me back Jillian for another season. Or hell even the Fabolous Flake Gia

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