One Week Until the I Do's

Anyone else a little excited about the big Will & Kate wedding next Friday?!?  Because I sure am.  Especially after watching the William & Kate movie on Lifetime.  Yes, it was fabulous and I loved every minute of it.  

And their little story truly is a fairy tale, one that I am Oh-So-Excited to watch.  I mean, do you remember the footage of Princess Diana's wedding??  It was fabulous.  So I can't even imagine what next Friday will hold. 
Will I set my alarm at 2AM to watch the gig?  Negative.  We all know it will be on tube nonstop, but that doesn't mean it won't be the first thing I check out when I wake up. 

Will I start to sport stylish memorabilia such as this?  Oh hells no. But secretly I do want the little tea cup of William. 

Will I now some day find an excuse to wear a hat such as these??  Why Y-E-S


  1. I love royal weddings. I really like the two of them--they seem really steady and solid. Princess Diana would be proud. :)

  2. I just want to see the dress... lovin those hats though. :)

  3. I can't wait either!! I missed the Lifetime movie, dang it. I saw the previews. What time is the actual ceremony?

  4. I am getting so much closer to throwing my laptop out the window everytime I read you over here. Tebow, ok. I can see it. LIfetime? Put the remote in the husbands hand and step away from the tv. Come on. Go buy a orange and blue hat to sport on the Royal Wedding day. I am hoping for drama and he or she says no at the last minute

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