Be Here Now

This morning in yoga, it was all about rinsing out the past, accepting the future and to just Be Here Now.  Be here now...that is a difficult concept for me.  As I'm sure most of us may struggle with it, my mind runs a million miles per hour and I have a hard time slowing it down to just Be Here Now.  I know I can even take in a lesson from Mr. T who does not care at all about what happened yesterday or where we are going tomorrow.  He is always in the moment.  Always here now. 

I once read the book "The Power of Now" by Eckhard Tolle.  It is challenge for me to leave the past behind and extremely difficult not to obsessively plan the future.  I remember the book being interesting and eye opening at times.  So perhaps it is time to bring that book out again in this transitional part of my life and with a little yoga flow I will be ready to rock 2012
OK Yes....2012 is going to ROCK.  I begin Tuesday as a student teacher and I am beyond excited.  Holy Cow....My dreams to work with my passion is finally here!!!  

So enjoy a little Charles Brown jam with me and here is to Bringing in a Brand New Year!

Calming Jam of the Week: This Life by Ryan Huston

In a week where everyone is pumped up for the New Year and celebrations, I'm just a little off and have been in a bit of a funk the last couple of days.  Just not my normal self...not really "here"... not having my normal mojo.  But one thing that just changes it all is these two boys coming home with tulips (yes, beautiful tulips even in the middle of winter) and a loving card from my Gator Guy.  They truly are everything to me.  And the Calming Jam of the week by Ryan Huston says it all:

I love you more than you will ever know,
How sweet this life, I'll never let you go.
Nothing compares to holding on to you,
I love you more, this I confess to you.

Oh Peeta! Peeta! Peeta!

Tonight I am hosting our Book Club (which is really talk-about-the-book-for-15-min-and-then-drink-a-lot-of-wine-microbrew).  But either way it is a time for the neighborhood gals to get together. 

This month's book:  The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  I absolutely loved it.  Quick read, very entertaining, and of course...set it up for the next one.  Now I just can't wait for the movie to come out this February.  I feel like it is the next Twilight sensation where 14-year-olds and other 30-year-olds like me just might want to be the kick ass Katniss and go crazy for Peeta, and Gale.   

Even downloaded this song from the soundtrack to play tonight.  

ABC & Lifetime Sure Know Cheesy Christmas

I have to be honest.  I LOVE me some ABC family-Hallmark-Lifetime Christmas movies.  They are nothing but complete cheesiness, but I just can't help myself.  This season, my absolute fav was the Twelve Dates of Christmas.  Anyone besides the other 14-year-olds see this one?  It is like ground hog day but subtract the awkward and so not sexy Bill Murray and substitue the super cute Zach Morris. Anything that gives a flash back to Saved By The Bell (or 90210) is an automatic Gem in my book. 

My Top 5 Made for TV Christmas Movies:
1.  Twelve Dates of Christmas

2.  Christmas Do Over

3.  Desperately Seeking Santa

4.  Twelve Men of Christmas

5.  Santa Baby (1 AND 2)

Soooo not a fan

I know some of you must adore her, but I must say that I cannot stand Scarlett Johansson.  I don't like the way she talks, the way she acts, and and the way she really ruins a movie for me. 

But lucky for Miss Scar, her leading man in We Bought a Zoo is Oh-So-Yummy.  Thank you Matty, perhaps I will now see this movie. 

Shit Girls Say

I must admit that after tallying, I am guilty of 19.  Nineteen.

Dear 4th Quarter Broncos,

You are well worth the wait.  In fact, I sounded like a man this morning due to screaming my head off during our time together last night.  And also during that final minute of regular play, I  turned to Gator Guy and said, "I'm not quite sure when it happened, but I'm pretty sure I slightly peed my pants."  

Now that's a Bronco fan. 

Top Gifts for this Thirty Year Old

Thanks to my family and friends, I am blessed with these Must Have gifts for a 30 year old.

1.  Cowboy Boots - Now I am not just a girl who rides a mechanical bull, but also one with super cute boots!! 

2.  Nano - I LOVE music.  Love love love.  My Jams seriously complete my day.  And so my original Nano was slowly dying after 5 years of daily use.  Now I can rock it out to this tiny nano.  

3.  Yoga Mat - A new yoga mat makes yoga practice just that much better.

4.  Super cute Orange Watch - Sorry Elle Woods, but Orange IS the new pink!

5.  Super soft zip up - perfect to wear while running, to yoga, or just around.

6.  Inspirational bracelet - from  Loving this!!!

7.  Super cute cardigan.  Perfect for the future teacher to wear!

8.  Tim Tebow Book - Yes, you will all be shocked....I actually did not own this book yet.  HOWEVER....this one is in the works to get signed!!  Gator Guy and Mr. T are the best!!!  I just hope that Timmy signs it with his digits so we can hang out asap.  


9.  Beer of the Month Club - What more could a girl ask for than some micro brew delivered straight to our house!!!   (Thanks Dree!!)

10.  Bronco Tickets - Ok, I'm the jerk that completely forgot to include my Bronco tickets on this post originally.    So a BIG thank you to Dree and my Bestie for your very generous gift.  You clearly know the way to my heart  ;)  But really, the game was the perfect way to conclude my bday week!!

Dear Twenties,

It is quite sad to say goodbye to you, but I must say that I feel pretty damn good about what we have accomplished during our time together.  First and foremost, we made it through college.  And don't let anyone judge us on the fact that it took 5 years.  Because we all know we have that semester in Australia and ridiculously cheap Fort Collins drinks to blame for that.  We also made it through multiple knee injuries, surgeries, and know that the best way to be on crutches and not give up your beer is to attach a red solo cup to one crutch ( is brilliant).  Twenties, we river danced on top of bars, broke records on the mechanical bull, and learned to perfect the air guitar. 

But by far the best years together occurred after those crazy college days and began with the "I Do" to Gator Guy.  I know, it's cheesy, but it's the simple truth.  With you, we bought a house and extended our family with the most perfect little boy ever!!!  Twenties, you showed that the most important thing in life is family and the loved ones around us.  And even the burbs have the best Par-Tay on a Friday night with neighbors, dominos pizza, and drinks.  You either extended my childhood friendships or introduced me to the most amazing girlfriends that I know will be in my life forever.  You gave me the confidence to know that I can run marathons, be a working Mom, work out enough to still indulge in that IPA, and take a risk with a passionate career change to begin teaching. 

So thank you Twenties.  I do believe our time together was well worth it and I hope you feel as I do that we are parting ways on good terms.  I don't leave with any regrets and I....We loved and we lived.  



Dear Thirties, 

We have started our time together on the right foot by watching Clueless (Yes thank you morning TV for showing that Gem), taking a kick-my-ass yoga sculpt class, dancin it out to Tony Toni Tone and other awesome 90s music, a margarita before noon, some shopping, and now a tall IPA as I wait for Gator Guy to come home for dinner. 

Thirties - I must say that there are stories that intimidate me.   But honestly, I think we are going to be great together. 

However, I must ask....Please be nice.  I hear that our hangovers together will suck big time.  So remember that this will never prohibit me from an IPA during the game or glass of wine with the girls.  So just please be nice.  



The Stare Down and Black Hole Sun

Yesterday at yoga, we were asked to completely step out of our comfort zone....And to make connections.  We partnered up with someone we did not know and sat on ONE mat with our knees touching.  Yes...awkward.  And when the class finally got all the awkard giggles out of the way we stared into each other's eyes. 

Just stared.  And probably for a full 4 minutes.  Now, that's a really long time to look into someone's eyes, let alone someone I did not know a single thing about.  All I knew about my partner was her name was Maria and well...she must like yoga.  But I can still picture Maria's eyes and I almost feel like I do know her better now, and not just because we both like yoga and happened to show to this class.  I have seen Maria in many classes before, but I am certain that I will now see her in a different light after 4 minutes of the stare down. 

Now that I think about it....I don't know if it have ever looked into Gator Guy's eyes for a solid 4 minutes.  Or really anyone aside from staring competitions when I was 12.  Guess what is on our agenda for our next hot date Gator Guy??? 

I also loved in class this version of Black Hole Sun by the Section Quartet. 

My Final Day at the J-O-B

The final day has come!!!  I would like to think that the one giving the thumbs up is totally me!!  Very fitting. But either way my bags are packed and I'm begin my new adventure of being.....

A High School Teacher  :)
Bring on happy hour on this wonderful Friday.

2 Things - 2 Days

1.  Cry Baby Cutler and Kristin from the Hills are engaged....again.  Any bets on how long this one will last???  I predict they do not make it to say their "I Do's"...unless of course its a quicky in Vegas.

2.  Two more days at my current J-O-B.  A woohooo!!!

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